Catskill Mtn Underground designs and builds custom root cellars ideal for storage of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as long-term storage of canned items.

    Each cellar is supported by a 360 degree concrete structure and rated for short-term security in case of a sudden storm. As they are buried partially underground, the temperature is almost always cool. We install air exchangers for your convenience. One side of the cellar features and exposed door.

    Contact us today for more information concerning our root cellars, security bunkers, and other construction specialties.

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    Safety when you need it.

    Catskill Mtn Underground builds state-of-the-art safe room additions that match the exterior of your home. Our safe rooms are properly engineered and properly reinforced to fit specific site needs.

    Enclosed by durable concrete, our safe rooms can be engineered to withstand severe weather conditions. These safe rooms can be designed to be fireproof and bullet proof. These rooms are fully functional to meet the needs of your daily life such as a den, office space, library, or children’s playroom yet can provide safety from eminent danger. Safe room additions can also be used for storage of gun safes and important documents in a fireproof environment. (Some limitations apply.)

    Contact us to learn more about our underground bunkers and safe rooms and to discuss designs and to incorporate your ideas.

    Read About Safe Rooms at FEMA.gov


    Storm Shelters

    Storm shelters are underground units with a locking surface door.

    Wine Cellars

    Catskill Mountain Underground will work closely with you from design to finished product. Our expert partners will leave you nothing but completely satisfied.

    Survival Shelters

    Built and formed with 360 degrees of concrete, our custom security bunkers provide the ultimate in safety and peace of mind.

    Catskill Mtn Underground provides everything from electrical systems with solar backup and water storage, to hidden passage ways connecting your home to your bunker.

    Additionally, all bunkers can be protected by security systems and include NBC filters for nuclear, biological, and chemical fallout.