Gary Olsen has been in the construction business for over twenty years.

He has spent years turning his customer’s visions into reality, lately he has felt that there is an increasing need for a business that will provide safety and security for individuals who want to protect there family. In essence to give people peace of mind. With the changing environment, from natural and man-made threats, the concerns of safety are becoming construction priorities.

From root cellars, to safe room additions, to complete underground sanctuaries, providing security and peace of mind presented itself as a new construction challenge, and a creative opportunity.

With that, Catskill Mtn Underground was born.

Gary has invested countless hours researching tailored solutions that meet the needs of each individual client. Gary has established a team of resources that bring their unique talents to the table.

Catskill Mtn Underground uses state-of-the-art building techniques and applies the latest technologies to the design and production of underground and attached structures that are both secure and esthetically pleasing.

But even more than that…

They listen to your needs and concerns.

Give Gary a call and he’ll put Catskill Mtn Underground to work for you!

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are his priority!